Vine growers from the great French terroirs, organic "earthen" marketers and demanding growers, meticulous arboriculturists, innovative cereal growers, manic green-keepers, passionate rugby men... have all praised our fertilising solutions. Thanks to them, our brand has become an essential reference, synonymous with safety, quality, and performance.

Fertilisation consists of providing a growing environment, such as soil, with the elements necessary for the development of the plant. Fertility relates to the soil's ability to store these nutrients and to redistribute them naturally for the production of crops through its biological activity. It is an essential component of the bio-productivity of soil.

Over the last few decades, OvinAlp has developed natural solutions to improve the fertility of the soil while guaranteeing its fertilisation for plant production. By working with the sheep manure collected in the Southern Alps, OvinAlp has chosen a raw material known for its ability to produce these fertilisers: amendments, organic fertilisers, and organic-mineral fertilisers. Its range includes biokinetic fertility activators, liquid organic fertilisers, and organic leaf specialities.

OvinAlp, your partner for sustainable agriculture!

Although a stable humus supply is essential in maintaining the organic matter and thus the storage capacity of the mineral elements through the soil's clay-humic complex, it is not the presence of various organic matter and minerals in the soil that matters, but instead the dynamic of their evolution. It is this dynamic which characterises the fertility of this soil. Thus, there must be a balance between organic fertilisation, mineral fertilisation, and stimulation of the soil's microbiological activity.

For organic fertilisation, OvinAlp has developed a range of organic amendments and fertiliser based on sheep manure which are complementary in their humic potential and their humigenic potential.

For organic-mineral fertilisers, it is also the solubility criterion of the principal and secondary elements which guides the choice of product adapted to the soil and the crop.

A leader in the development of new fertilisation solutions which are respectful of the environment, OvinAlp also offers biokinetic fertility activators, liquid organic fertilisers, and leaf nutriments.

These biostimulants are enriched with imis®, a unique organic complex amino acid developed by OvinAlp's research and innovation department. When integrated into fertilisation solutions, imis® optimises their effectiveness. It is the first natural chelating agent approved by the Ministry of Agriculture (n° 114-0009).

A reference in the organic fertilisation of special crops (viticulture, arboriculture, sowing, etc.), OvinAlp extends its offer and has been developing specific formulations for field crops since 2010.

Organic, humic, and humigenic fertilisation

OvinAlp has developed a range of fermented plant amendments (standard NF U44-051) which are complementary in their humic potential (number of humic colloids) and their humigenic potential (ability to produce the humus in situ in the soil) the base of which is MV100, the company's flagship product.

Humo-mineral, organic and mineral fertilisation

With its organic-mineral fertilisers (standard NF U42-001), OvinAlp offers, at the same time and in the same place, plant-based organic matter and digestible nutritional elements. This fertilisation minimises losses from run-off and complements the purely organic and humic fertilisation intended for the rebalancing of the soil.

Precision fertilisation

With Dopactif and Dopasol F1, OvinAlp develops biokinetic fertility activators, with Orstim, liquid organic fertilisers and Kori, leaf nutriments. These original formulations of chelated cation amino acids present complete innocuity for the crop and the environment and provide optimal and precise nutrition for the crops.

Leaf nutriments

After full-field applications to apple trees and vines, OvinAlp completes its offer with Kori, a range of leaf fertilisers intended for the prevention and correction of the main oligo-element and secondary element deficiencies in crops.

Our range

Ov, an active principle
Organic amendments
Organic fertilisers
Organic-mineral fertilisers
Imis® - a natural chelating agent
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Ov, an active principle

imis®, a natural chelating agent

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